The Muddy Maumee

I’m visiting family in Ohio. I grew up in Toledo and Maumee, so the Maumee River was a daily presence in my life for years. The past couple of days, I had occasion to drive across to Perrysburg, and I kept driving by this small little park right along the river (cleverly named Riverside Park). The scene from the road kept catching my eye, so I decided to try to capture it.

Here’s the best of the bunch, I think.

From Perrysburg

While there, I remembered a spot on the Maumee side of the river that I used to bike to. It’s at the end of part of the towpath that was part of the Erie Canal system. I went down to this spot to watch the sun rise on my 18th birthday, many moons ago. From that spot, you can see the park I was standing in for that previous shot. It’s right at the top of the bare slope in the middle of the shore.

Scene from 13 Years Ago

Finally, I took a picture of the rocks I sat on, both for that last photo as well as on my 18th birthday.

The End of the Towpath

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