Fall Colors

I’ve been working on a story, but it has been going slowly. I’ve also been taking pictures, but I was having trouble getting anything worthwhile out of them. Today, I think I got some good shots, so I’ll share those. And hope that a story might be coming in the next few days.

Road Closed

Really, I just like walking through my neighborhood. (That, and I had some stuff to take care of, so I couldn’t go for a long photo trip.)

A lot of the trees in the are go yellow. So when I find something red, I try to take advantage of it. And there’s something about the juxtaposition of a manmade sign amongst the leaves that I like.

Go Left

Some trees have dropped almost all their leaves, while others remain green. I’m sure there is some botanical explanation. I’m also sure I don’t know it. I just know that the contrast can create some interesting images.

Green and Yellow

As I said, there is a lot of yellow, so I decided to learn a little bit more about playing with photos in Aperture. In this, I dimmed the saturation of every color except yellow, whose saturation and luminescence I increased.

Glowing Yellow Trees

of course, that both changed the color of the trees, and didn’t quite remove the other colors, just dulled them out significantly. The first thing I wanted to try was removing all the color, except for the yellow of the trees, which I did here.


In that one, I didn’t touch the saturation of the yellow, so that color is truer to the actual tree.

So in a few days, all these leaves might be on the ground. At least I got in a few pictures before they disappeared.

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