Beauty and Quiet

It was a grey winter day, early in the season. The sky had been cloudy all day, but only now had snowflakes begun to fall to the ground. The trees stood naked, silent guardians on either side of the street. No squirrels came out to chitter at me or the snow, and if any birds remained in the area, they were quiet.

The day had been particularly stressful. My boss, impressed by my efficiency, had assigned me an additional project so I could “help get them back on schedule.” Sometimes it seems hard work is often punished by giving you even more work. No one ever takes work away as a reward for your efforts.

As if to add to my stress, my car broke down as I was leaving work. I managed to get it towed and get a ride home after waiting only an hour. It was silly to feel persecuted by fate, but it was difficult not to wonder about what I had done to deserve this day.

Still, I like early winter days, full of the possibility of snow. To relax, I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the peace of a quiet evening. I was not disappointed. Beauty and quiet surrounded me. And as I lay on my back after slipping on a patch of ice, I couldn’t help but hear both the beauty and the quiet laughing at me.

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