The Red River of the North has experienced serious flooding three of the last four years, with 2009 being a record flood. This year, we have another flood on our hands. Originally, they were predicting a flood to rival 2009, but since then ideal weather has sent the flood projection down to very manageable levels. Still, it’s already several feet above flood stage, and it will have some impact on the area.


I find it difficult to take pictures of our floods that really convey what is happening. If you don’t know where the river belongs, you might find it difficult to see what’s going on. The fenced area on the far bank is a dog park, with a pedestrian path behind it. The dog park is closed indefinitely, and will soon be under water.

One effect of the flooding is the wildlife that usually stays close to the river being forced closer to the residences. In 2009, I saw a coyote in my backyard. (Unfortunately, I did not have my camera at the ready.) While walking today, we spotted a field mouse, hiding (very well, I might add) further away from the river than is normal, I suspect. At least, we think it was a field mouse.


Thank goodness for my new(ish) zoom lens.

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