Last Snow

“The snow is very pretty tonight.”

Without opening his eyes, he put a single finger to his lips. “Shh.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ‘shh’ me before.”

HIs eyes still closed, he turned his head slightly towards the other. “Please. Let me enjoy this.”

The other resisted an urge to respond. They both stayed still and quiet for several minutes. With no wind, the snow fell steadily straight down, adding to the inches already on the ground. What light there was bounced off the snow and then again against the low hanging clouds, all of which served to make the night not very dark at all.

He finally opened his eyes to watch the flakes speed past his face.

The other broke the silence. “Are you ready?”

“Is anyone ever?”

“More than you might think.”

He nodded. Maybe so, he thought. It didn’t mean he was ready, however. “My last snowfall…”

“Perhaps not.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just mean that we don’t know.”

“Not even you?”

“Not even I know.”

The silence of the snow filled the world once more.

More time passed before he stood. “Okay. We might as well go.” He looked at the other. “Is the scythe necessary?”

“Many people seem to appreciate the tradition, but I don’t need it.” The scythe disappeared. “Just follow me. I will guide you.”

The two walked off. The snow took no account of their passing.

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