“What are you doing out here?”

“Lying on my back, looking up at the sky.” He couldn’t really see her face, but he guessed. “You’re scowling, aren’t you?”

“A little bit, yeah. I can see you’re on your back. Why?”

“Because the sky is clear and the stars are bright. I keep hoping inspiration will strike. But even if it doesn’t, I never get tired of the night sky.”

“Okay, well don’t stay out too long; it’s cold out here.” She turned to go back inside.

“No, wait.” He grabbed her ankle, the only part of her he could reach without sitting up.


“Lie down here next to me. Watch the sky for a bit.”

She sighed but sat down next to him. “Not for too long; it really is chilly.”

He held her hand. “Those three stars are Orion’s belt. You can see the shoulders and the legs there and there.”

“I know what Orion looks like.” Even so, she followed his finger to find the different stars.

“Just think, each one of those stars might be another world’s sun. And there might be just as many stories on each of those worlds as there are on this one.”

She leaned back a little, staring more intently at the sky.

“All that potential. So many worlds.”

She squeezed his hand. “The sky is pretty.”

“Yes,” he agreed.

“All those worlds…” She laid her head on his chest.

“Are you cold? Did you want to go in?”

“In a minute. Just for now, let’s share the universe.”

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