“Turn to page 42, class.” Mr. Drummond droned on.

Jason couldn’t focus. The class seemed to go on forever. A button he had found in his pocket served as poor entertainment. He pushed it around his desk and tossed it from hand to hand. After several minutes, the button went higher than he’d intended, and Mr. Drummond noticed.

“Mr. Faller, are you bored?”

“No, Mr. Drummond.”

“Good, then perhaps you could read the next line.”

But Jason didn’t hear him. The button had not fallen back to his desk. Instead, it was being held by a small human-looking figure with wings. That was on fire. The creature gave him a mischievous smile.

“Uh… What is that?”

“Mr. Faller! Read the next line!”

“But… What is that?!”

“Mr. Faller, if you insist on disrupting the class, you can explain yourself to the principal. Off you go.”

Everyone in the room was staring at him, but no one seemed to notice the little figure flying in front of his face. Resigned, Jason stood up and left the room.

The creature flew right next to him. It made no sound at all but continued smiling. And it followed him into Mr. Henry’s office.

“Jason, I had hoped we had reached an understanding after the last time. You promised you would pay attention in class.”

“Yes, sir. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Don’t you see it? It’s right in front of you.”

“All I see is a young man with a lot of potential who refuses to apply himself.” He looked down at his desk and began writing. “I want you to take this note to your parents and have them sign it.”

The creature took the button it was still carrying and threw it at the principal.

“No!” Jason tried to stop it but was too late.

“Yes… Ow! Jason! Did you throw something at me?”

“No,” he protested. But even he had troubling believing it.

“That is it. I will be calling your parents. We will have to get a handle on your discipline, or I will have no choice but to suspend you. Wait outside in the main office.”

Jason left, the creature close behind. He tried to shoo it away, but it always stayed just out of his reach. It would be a long wait for his parents. And they weren’t going to believe him, either.

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