Web of Lights

Her eyes fluttered open, and she was awake. The darkness in the room indicated it was still night, so why was she awake? Then she saw the lights.

At first, there was only one. As small as a gnat, though bright for its size, it flitted above her while tracing an unfathomable path. A second light joined the first, and the two began to dance an even more intricate pattern. A faint glow trailed off them, leaving an ephemeral map of their passage.

If she listened hard enough, she could almost hear music accompanying their movements. Then a third joined, and the tempo quickened. And a fourth. Before long, at least a dozen lights spun and whirled above her bed.

Slowly, she raised her hand and pushed it into the middle of them. The lights easily adjusted, moving around her fingers without stopping, merely integrating them into the web. Her hand grew warm and energy crackled through it to the rest of her. The music grew louder, and she found that she understood the dance, could follow it. It went on forever.

The next morning, her bed was empty. No trace of her could be found, and no one ever saw her again.

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