A Game of What If

S: This has been a very bad week.

J: That is putting it mildly.

P: We need to do something to lift our spirits.

S: Such as?

P: What would he do if he were here?

M: Probably tell us one of his stories to illustrate that death does not matter.

J: Or tell us about the next life.

S: Yes. That he would.

T: I do not think this is appropriate. He is only recently killed.

M: Thomas, we are just trying to remember him. Grieve his passing.

T: Still…

S: What would you say to him if he were here right now?

T: That is an odd suggestion.

S: Perhaps. But what would you say?

T: I would want some proof it was really him?

M: And he thinks we are inappropriate.

S: What if he showed you his wounds? Let you touch them?

T: Yes, that would probably convince me.

B: Hold on. I am trying to write all of this down. It would be a good end to this story. Something to remind us of the hope he represented.

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