A Cup of Coffee

“She’s cheating on you.”

“Hello to you, too.”

“I mean it.”

“Can I at least sit down and take a sip of my coffee first?”

“Why aren’t you upset? She’s cheating on you!”

“So how have you been?”

“Geezus! Didn’t you hear me?”

“I heard you. So did everyone else in the cafe. I know she’s been cheating on me.”

“You know?”


“How long?”

“How long has she been cheating? Or how long have I known?”

“How long have you known?”

“About two months. I assume it’s been going on longer.”

“Two months? Why didn’t you say anything? Why are you still with her?”

“I didn’t say anything because I figured you’d act… well, pretty much the way you are right now.”


“And I’m still with her because I still love her.”

“But if she’s cheating…”

“So what? I still love her. That hasn’t changed. And she hasn’t left me.”

“I can’t… You should… I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Good. Maybe we can enjoy our coffee now?”

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