On The Ledge

“So what are we doing?”  He stood several feet along the ledge from where his friend sat.  His friend didn’t seem startled.

“Just sitting here, taking in the view.”  The wind was rather gusty this high up.

“It’s a pretty view.”

“I guess.”

“Do you mind if I join you?”

“It’s a free country.”

He hopped up on the ledge and sat down without moving any closer.  The street below was a long way off.  A little vertigo began to set in, so he quickly looked up toward the horizon.

“Careful,” his friend said, “it’s a long way down.”  There was no trace of irony in his voice.

“I guess so.”  He looked around for a few moments.  “So this view brought you up here?”


“But you don’t think it’s pretty?”

“I do, I guess.  Just doesn’t matter to me either way.”

“Okay.  You know, several of the guys showed up.  They were hoping to play tonight.  You interested?”

“I don’t know.”

“No pressure.  Thought I’d mention it.”

“They’re over now?”

“Yeah.  Down in the apartment.  Rick suggested poker, as usual.  But I think everyone else was hoping for a D&D session.  Heck, we could just hang out, drink, and make fun of Rick.”

“Guys?  Jen’s not here?”

“Nope.  She wasn’t invited.  Just us tonight.”

“I don’t know.”

“Again, no pressure.”

“Maybe we should play poker.  Rick’s been asking forever.”

“You sure?”

“I guess.”

“Okay, let’s go.  The view will be here tomorrow if you still need it.”


They both carefully left the ledge and headed downstairs.

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