Alternate Family: Part Three


Here’s the check.  I’m sorry I argued with you about it.  Obviously I should have sent it right away.  I got confused as to when Jason’s 18th birthday was.  Now that he’s 18, this settles it, right?  My lawyer thought so, but I wanted to be sure we were on the same page.

I also wanted to ask you if I could attend his graduation.  That’s this spring, isn’t it?  I figured after all this time, it’d be nice if we could both be there for him on the big day.  I know I haven’t been around, but that is what you wanted.  I’ve tried to respect your wishes.  I still want to be his mother, and I just want this little thing.  If you would let me know when and where, I’ll be there.

I think we can work something out about his college.  I know I said no earlier, but that was just the anger talking.  Maybe we could talk about it at his graduation?  That way Jason could give us his input.  We don’t need the lawyers for this, right?  Just turn the page and get a fresh start, okay?

I mean, I know you’re still upset, but I want to make up for it.  I think if we could just talk, be together as a family again.  We can work it all out.  Right?  You’ll see, it will be different.  One more chance.  That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

Okay, I should go.  Just let me know.


*    *    *

Folded in the letter was a check from a law firm for a few hundred dollars.  Why hadn’t his father opened it?  He must never have known she asked to come to Jason’s graduation.  But she had wanted to.  That was something.  The fact that she hadn’t had the chance made him a bit sad.

He dug around a bit more, but found no other letters.  Maybe his father had forgotten about this one.  Should he take it or put it back?  If it had gone unopened all this time, he decided his father wouldn’t notice it missing.  And if he did, he would have to admit to Jason he knew where his mother was.  Jason put the letter in his pocket.

Part of him wanted to rush out to the address on the envelope.  But feeling some apprehension, he decided to wait.  This was all moving so quickly.  And he still didn’t know what had happened at their old house earlier.  Today he’d just do laundry and have dinner with his father. He could go tomorrow and see his mother.

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