Family Breakup

The scene opens in a room with several armchairs and a fireplace, but no windows.  N is sitting in one of the armchairs; she is fidgeting.  S is standing by the mantelpiece, swirling her drink.

N: Can we start?

S: Not yet.

N: Are we waiting for someone?

S: Who do you think?

N: Why is he coming?

S: This concerns him, too.

N: I suppose.  But should we worry about this at all?  Isn’t it too late to do anything?

S: That’s what I wanted to talk to you both about.  See if we can think of something.  Perhaps we can still do something to at least influence events.

W enters.

S: Ah.  There you are.

W: I am sorry for being late.  What did you want to talk about?

W takes a seat in another armchair opposite N.

S: E’s actions have upended the balance.  I wanted to discuss our options.

W: How has he done that?

N: By introducing a light into the world?  A light that sits over his realm.  And those bipedal creatures.  He has made vast changes without consulting us.

W (shifting uncomfortably): Is any of that bad?

N (looking at S): You talk to him.

S: These decisions change everything.  E should have consulted with us before moving ahead.

W: I still don’t see the problem.  The whole world revolves around the two of you.  E merely wanted to add some variety.

S: What do you mean?  Did he talk to you?

W: He proposed having the light travel from his realm to mine and then back again.

N: You supported this?  Without bringing it to us?  You helped him?

W: I still don’t understand why this is such a big deal.

S: Get out.  Just. Get. Out.

W: I’m sorry.  I didn’t know it would upset you.

W exits.

S: I cannot believe this.

N: I knew there was nothing we could do.  And W was in on it.

S: Your fatalism isn’t helpful.

N: It wasn’t meant to be.

S: What should we do?

N: I don’t know what you should do.  As for me, I’m going back home before it becomes impossible to do so.  And then I’m going to set about making my realm as inhospitable as possible.  At least I can keep his creatures away from me.  You might consider doing the same.

N stands to leave.

S: Is this the end of our family meetings?

N: I expect so.  I wish you well, sister.

S: But you will come back to visit.

N: I am not sure it will be possible.  E and W have divided us.  I am unlikely to be able to travel across their lands again.

S: Fare well, sister.

N nods without acknowledging the tears in either of their eyes and leaves.

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