One Little Hitch

“Hello.  I see you are awake.”

“What?  Where am I?  The last thing I remember was being in a car crash.”

“Yes.  You died.  And now you are here.  Waking up is really just a metaphor.  It seems to smooth the transition.”

“So this is…?”

“Indeed.  As a new arrival, you will have an orientation session soon.  It is voluntary, of course, as is everything here.  Yet you may find it useful.”

“Oh.  Is there anything I should do?  What is expected of me?”

“The orientation session will serve to answer all of your questions, should you attend.  But in brief, nothing is expected of you.”

“So I could do anything I want?”


“But aren’t there any rules?  You know, to keep people from behaving badly?”

A chuckle.  “We have no problems like that here.  Only those who already are well-behaved come here.  Any who might cause problems… do not.”

“Oh.  Of course.”  A brief pause.  “Oh!  What about my friends and family who died before me?  Can I see them?”

“Of course.”

“My grandmother?”

“Yes.  She should be nearby.  I believe she was notified of your arrival.”

“My father, too?”

“No.  He is not with us.”

“You mean, he’s in…”

“Yes.  He was refused admission.”

“So I can never see him again?”

“That is correct.  He was not suited for this realm.  Soon, you will forget all about him and will not miss him.”

“What?  That’s horrible!”

“It is simply the way of things.  Do not concern yourself with such things.  You have been admitted based on your life.  He has earned his end.”

“But he’s my father.”

“Your earthly father.  Now you live with your real father.  This was what you yearned for in life.  Here you are reunited.  He is all around us.”

“And all it cost me was being separated from my father for all eternity.”

“You were already separated, don’t you see?  This is just the culmination of the different choices you each made.”

“I don’t care.  I want to see my father.”


“Then I want to leave.”

“What?!  No one chooses to give up this realm.”

“I do.”

“But this is madness.  This is unprecedented.”

“I don’t care.  Let me out.”

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