A Simple Spell

Palms together, perfectly aligned.  Rub back and forth to build up heat and draw forth the threads that link everything together.  Once the threads become visible and reactive, cup each hand to form a sphere.  Slowly the threads wind their way around the sphere, taking its shape.  This is crucial, for they must be coaxed into filling every space of the shell.  Any flaw, any weakness will undermine the whole.

Gently expand the sphere by opening the hands, touching the pinky side of each and then bringing together the thumbs.  Repeat, increasing the size of the sphere slightly with each movement until it reaches the appropriate dimensions.  The threads move and shift, stretching to accommodate the demands of the shaper.

Were this intended for a stationary item or place, it would then suffice to locate it where it was required.  This one must be able to move, however.  Carefully, then, move the sphere up and down, right and left, front and back.  The threads begin to separate from the others near them.  Eventually the sphere breaks free, riding the other threads, but remaining apart.  The broken ends quickly uniting and eliminating the tear.

Now it is ready.  Holding it in both hands, gently blow it towards the target.  The sphere envelopes the orange tabby and vanishes from sight.  The kitten blinks once, and then again.  As it walks around the small kennel, the threads crisscrossing the area deform ever so slightly to indicate the protective sphere that now surrounds it.

It isn’t much.  It isn’t a home.  But that extra layer of protection may help it find a safe and happy space with a proper owner.  I smile sadly as it paws at me and then slowly walk away.

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