What If?

Something a little different to kick off 2017: some questions that plague me.

What if God created the world as an experiment, and it failed, but he didn’t have the heart to destroy it, so it sits forgotten in his closet?

What if reading was a sport more popular than football, baseball, or soccer?

What if no one ever lied?

What if everyone who had died could watch you whenever they wanted?

What if everyone in your life is merely playing a role they were hired to play?

What if we could fly as easily as we could walk?

What if we had never invented war?

What if we never died of old age but we also lost the ability to reproduce?

What if nothing you do matters?

What if everything you do matters?

What if The Lord of the Rings were a work of history rather than of fiction?

What if everyone could know what anyone else was thinking?

What if everyone looked the same and believed the same things?

What if you are merely a side character in someone else’s story?

What if animals could talk?

What if you are lucky at cards or love, but not both?

What if the world stopped spinning?

What if everything you do or say were reported in the media?

What if every year the slate was wiped clean, and we all got to start over?

What if right here, right now was all that there is?

What if everything you believe is wrong?

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