Annual Meeting

“It’s been a year.”

“Of course. We only meet once a year. On this day.”

“No, no. I mean, it’s been quite a year.”

“Ah. I suppose it has.”

“Do you think we overdid it?”

“Honestly, I didn’t do a thing.”

“Wait. That thing in the east?”


“That wasn’t you?”


“I was sure it was you.”

“Really? I thought I was always more subtle than that.”

“I guess that’s true. So you mean they did that to themselves?”

“Yep. I couldn’t come up with anything worse than they did.”


“Indeed. I actually had great plans for this year. I think you would have been impressed. But before I could even get going on any of it, the first day of the year already made me redundant. Vandalizing a cultural monument to an attack on a nightclub. And it just kept going. Lies, racism, violence, shootings, upheaval. I just sat, watching, waiting for a lull in order to get something done. But it never stopped. You seemed to be having fun, though.”

“Well, I was behind a few of the storms. But after the first hurricane, the weather spiraled out of control on its own. I actually tried to stop a few of them. Even now, there’s a few things out of control. I’m almost scared to start the next round.”

“Maybe all our work over the years has finally paid off. Maybe we don’t need to do anything more. They’ll take care of themselves without any more help from us.”

“That’s going to be boring as heaven!”

“Yeah. I guess you were right. It’s been a year.”

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