With Apologies to E.A.P.

Colors swirled all around me. How to describe them? Vivid, yes, but that is too weak a word to carry the impact.  Trumpet blasts mingled with the smell of daisies. The taste of red mixed with the color of the number 3. Musical notes danced with the sound of a ripe apple.

But even that does not do justice to the visual symphony.

And the feelings… That feeling where you love and hate. Where you are overcome with terrifying awe and quiet boredom. When hope and tranquility sit down with despair and anxiety. When you feel everything at once and nothing at all. Do you know that feeling? That is what ran through me. More intense than anything I had ever experienced before.

Through the colors and the feelings and so much more, I understood. I understood it all. Everything was laid out before me for my examination. And there was no need to investigate. No knowledge was kept from me, no secret hidden. They revealed the story, and my mind followed.

But I know I have not explained it well. You do not understand. How could you? I awoke with only the vaguest remnant that I had grasped the whole universe, and now it was gone. I have lost it, and words can never bring it back.

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