Looking Good

“Have you seen my tie?” He was flipping through hangers in the closet.

“The blue one? With red and white stripes?”

He popped out of the closet. “You found it?”

“Nope.” She shook her head, grinning. “Just asking if that’s the one.”

Giving an exasperated groan, he went back to looking.

“That tie looks ridiculous, you know. Like someone screwed up the American flag,” she called after him.

“Well, I like it.”

“Just means you’re ridiculous.”

“I like you. Are you ridiculous?”

“That just means you have enough sense to know you need someone to make you look good.”

“Okay, I used to like you.”

“You wound me.” She feigned a hurt tone.

“I doubt that.”

“Why do you need a tie, anyway? You never wear one.”

“Because John’s getting an award, and I want to look nice for his big night.”

“So you’re planning on getting laid tonight?”

“Wha…? You mean you…”

“No. You and John.”

“Oh. No. I mean…”

She laughed. “I’m just giving you shit. I think it’s nice how good a friend you are.”

“Well, it’s not going to mean anything if I can’t find that tie.”

“This tie?”

He looked at her again. “Yes! You did have it! Why did you let me keep looking?”

“It’s fun watching you panic.”

“I’m not sure I understand your idea of entertainment.” He grabbed the tie from her.

“It’s an acquired taste.” She blew a kiss at him on her way out of the room.

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