No Help Is Coming

Things are looking pretty bad. Don’t you want to step in?

No. Or, perhaps I should say that, while I want to step in, I have an even greater desire for them to solve these problems themselves.

But they aren’t solving things themselves. The have had years upon years, and they don’t seem to have made any progress.

I admit it has been slow, but . . .

‘Slow’ is an understatement. It’s been glacial, at best. And at times, they even appear to backslide.

It is important that they learn these lessons.

If a child touches a hot stove, they do learn. This feels more like leaving the stove on and letting the child touch it over and over again.

You are exaggerating.

Am I?

Besides, they have free will; they make the choices that lead to these situations.

Isn’t that victim-blaming?

Not at all. I don’t force these pains on them.

They don’t choose to be born. And certainly not into these circumstances.

It has been this way since the beginning. If I change things now, it will throw everything off.

A bad idea doesn’t become better just because you stick with it.

Why are you here?

You asked me to serve as your adversary. I’m simply presenting an alternative perspective.

Well, it has put me in a bad mood.

Think about how they must feel.

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